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Rattlesnake Revolution: The Tea Party Strikes!

Will the tea party become the next paradigm shift permanently liberating our republic from a sea of red ink?
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Rattlesnake Revolution: The Tea Party Strikes! takes a lively romp through American history from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 to the tea party near you today. Along the way author Dean Allen has compared and contrasted the roots and interactions of the major socio-political movements that have shaped American culture. Acting at various times as a journalist, historian, and political activist, Dean has chronicled the development of a spontaneous phenomenon that fundamentally revitalized the somewhat stodgy Grand Old Party.

Dean’s insights and observations give the tea party credit for amazing accomplishments in a short period, without glossing over weaknesses and challenges of a movement priding itself on being disorganized and leaderless. His access to, and friendships with, statesmen like Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Jim DeMint, and dozens of local tea party leaders across the nation, allowed Dean to see, experience, understand, and explain, the roots of this revolution that swept the Democrats out of Congress in 2010 and is poised to restore constitutional government to America in 2012.

Rattlesnake Revolution: The Tea Party Strikes! chronicles the developmental stages of all socio-political movements. Great social movements have started with outrage over a problem, whether slavery, labor, or economic injustice. They began with protests in the street; these became effective organizations, gained cultural acceptance; and, finally legislatively transformed the way our nation dealt with problems. Is the tea party a flash-in-the-pan destined to fade into oblivion? Will the tea party become the next paradigm shift permanently liberating our republic from a sea of red ink? Rattlesnake Revolution:The Tea Party Strikes! provides the tools for the latter outcome.

I explain how our founding fathers created a system of federal taxation, based largely upon excises, which would fund the legitimate functions of the federal government while preserving the autonomy of the states, and the freedom of the people. Fixing the problems in America today will require tax reform based upon understanding, and returning to, a constitutional system of taxation that raises revenue, rather than redistributing wealth.


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Why Moderate Republicans Lose Elections by Dean Allen
Renaissance Revolution Press
ISBN 978-1-942566-00-7
Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved
Paperback, 123 Pages

Dean Allen explains why Republicans consistently lost most presidential elections after Ronald Reagan. The short answer was because the party followed SUICIDAL advice to move left and try to become more like the Democrat Party.

Ronald Reagan said to raise a bold standard, with no pale pastels. Dean Allen explains how, and why, departure from that strategy has caused moderate Republicans like McCain, and Romney, to lose elections any Republican should have won easily.

Turnout is the only thing that wins elections! Strong leaders, with clear plans to fix problems, are the only ones who motivate the base of any party to turn out and win an election.

Donald Trump did exactly what Dean Allen describes, hen he successfully won the GOP nomination, then the presidency.

Dean Also explains how political scientists have so muddled the left-right continuum as to leave it of limited usefulness in describing candidates, parties, and movements. He has invented the ALLEN POLITICAL PYRAMID to replace the old left-right dichotomy.

The ALLEN POLITICAL PYRAMID classifies candidates, and voters, based on what they see as the proper role of government in our lives. You fall into one of three groups, depending on whether you see the role of government as an Enemy to fight [Libertarians-Anarchists], a god to be worshipped and served [Democrats - Communists - Nazis- Fascists]; or if you see the proper role of government as your servant, with its enumerated powers limited and defined by a written constitution. In the latter case you are a Republican.

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